We are certified professionals

Global Immersion's teachers are trained business and communication consultants that hold bachelors and masters degrees in either English as a Second Language, Speech, Education or Culture. All of our instructors are TEFL certified from an accredited Universities and have at least 10 to 20 years of experience in this field. All of Our trainers are certified and known experts in coaching and training non-native English speakers in ESL, Cross-Culture Communication, Accent Reduction, and Confident Communication.
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Why Global Immersion?

Globle Immersion the best in the business

At Global Immersion, we understand the language barriers faced by non-native English speakers and the challenge of uncovering the many idiosyncrasies of American Culture, Grammar, Writing, Accent, Pronunciation, Speech, and the English Language. At Global Immersion, our goal is to get you speaking with confidence and ease as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our trainers strive to aid those who need to improve their Speaking, understanding of American Culture, Pronunciation, Writing and English language skills. We have certified instructors with 10 to 20 years experience in the business who are well versed in assisting people from multiple cultures and globally.

At Global Immersion we provide customized solutions specially designed for you

Every language has its own sounds, rhythms, and peculiarities, and it can be difficult to adapt to an entirely new set of rules and sounds involved in learning a new language. At ACI, we customize a program to fit your specific needs. Whether you are fluent in English and could use elocution coaching, or new to the language and seek proficiency, we can help you
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