The Initial Assessment at Global Immersion Inc.

What is making you self-Conscious when you speak with others? How can you improve that?
April 24, 2018
Mastering the American Accent in Hartford
February 8, 2019
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My normal Initial Assessment and Why it is Important?

People will call me and ask me about the assessment and if they have to take it. It is important and if you want to work with me or any of the other teachers you need to take the initial Assessment. I understand that people don’t always want to invest and spend the extra money but it really is a crucial part of the process.


It is important because you are wasting your time and your money otherwise and you should understand how I or another teacher is helping you improve from start to finish. The assessment is basically your outline for the course. It sets goals and expectations from beginning to end.

An initial accent evaluation is required for all new clients starting at Accent Pros. This accent evaluation provides you and your accent coach with an exact percentage of your accent and a spreadsheet detailing the exact differences causing your accent compared to standard American pronunciation. Moreover, it will help you maximize your time for both learning and practicing an American accent.


We use a speech assessment to help determine all the areas that the client is not  pronouncing correctly. This is just a chart but gives you an idea of how the phonetic alphabet is used throughout your assessment and helps me as your coach determine which sounds are most problematic. My name is Jessica  Howard and I am the founder of American Cultural Immersion and Global Immersion Inc. both companies work to help individuals acclimate immerse into American Culture  effectively through speech, language and pathology. I use a measurable test that  allows me and you to see every aspect of your speech (including all vowels and consonants). It also allows me to show you how I can fix an area of your speech you might not like or that has been problematic thus allowing you to gain confidence American Cultural Immersion and our program as a whole and our abilities to help me help you overcome any current challenges.