What is making you self-Conscious when you speak with others? How can you improve that?

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April 23, 2018
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April 24, 2018
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In America a lot of speakers get very nervous when they speak in public or with other individuals. This may be caused by multiple different things but does not mean that you are insecure or suck at speaking or that your accent is the reason people are asking you to repeat yourself. There are numerous ways to improve your daily speech and confidence and there are numerous ways to deplete it.

I normally like to figure out what my weaknesses are and work hard to overcome them in my daily life.

If you need to work on your accent you need to make that decision not someone else otherwise the classes will not be worth it and you will not be able to stick them out. For example, when I was younger my brother used to always make fun of me for being a “soft talker” and tell me I sounded like this lady below:



I started to internalize this and really started to believe I was a “soft talker” this was not the case. In reality, I was introverted and he was extroverted. He is not able to stop talking and I didn’t talk loud enough or enough. We are very close and get along great but I remember trying to talk a lot louder around people  and on dates because I didn’t think the guys could hear me.


My point is do things for you and not other people because you will end up making the wrong decisions  and regret them later on.


Jessica Howard

American Cultural Immersion