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February 8, 2019
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Why People Need Accent Reduction Services?

In America, an Accent might impede effective and efficient communication in the workplace. Companies will look for service providers experienced in Accent Reduction to help modify their employee’s accent so they are more easily understood. This is a good service for those that struggle with being understood, frequently need to repeat themselves or feel more attention is being directed toward the accent than the messenger. Another issue non-native speakers may face is their listeners’ negative attitudes towards their accent. Others seek such services to reduce their regional or non-native accent and align their speech with a Standard American English accent or seek accent modification services to learn a new accent (e.g., actors). These communication challenges may negatively affect professional and educational advancement, self-esteem, social interactions in business and everyday life activities.

If someone is willing to give you classes without an assessment it is a clear sign that they are not experienced in this field and do not know what they are doing. Assessments are necessary.


Why is the Assessment Important:

The assessment is important because it allows our teachers to fully understand the issues at hand. Our Accent Reduction and Communication Assessment measures an individual’s pronunciation and intonation relative to the Standard American Accent. The assessment will provide the teacher and student a detailed report regarding the existence and, if so, the severity of his/her problems for each of the 88 English-American sounds/phonemes, an evaluation of his/her intonation, his/her speech speed as well as a final score which indicates the percentage of the American English sounds/phonemes the client say correctly or incorrectly when speaking English. The report will provide the teacher with detailed descriptions of your specific pronunciation errors as well as an assessment of the suprasegmental features of English rhythm with will include intonation, rate of speech, word and sentence stress, and linking abilities. This report will then be used to outline a customized course to address your errors. The initial evaluation last 75 minutes in duration. This allows the teacher to review all problematic areas of the clients’ speech and design an individualized curriculum that meets their needs and specific learning style. Clients in are courses are offered 1 or 2 mandatory assessments throughout their program free of charge. This allows us to measure progress and make sure the program is making a difference in their speech and confidence.


How many times should I be assessed?

More then once, you should have one assessment before the start of your course, at least once during it and one at the end. It’s better if you can have someone else from the company do it.


How much does our assessment cost? 

The assessment can cost between $128.00 and $150.00 per person. This will depend on the course your taking. The assessment is normally 75-90 minutes in length. They may even be longer. It all depends on the thickness of the accent and the program the individual is attending.


Can I keep the results:

Students can see and review the results of their assessments during the assessment. Students should be given feedback from their coaches during their assessment. They should understand what areas are problematic and need to be worked on and be able to take notes. That way they understand the focus of their course and what things they will be working on throughout the course with their coach.  If you want a detailed report regarding the results of your assessment we can do that for an extra fee.  The assessment is basically an outline for your teacher of areas that need to be focused on and fixed. The course does follow a syllabus but customizes it for each individual based on the results. During course follow up’s you will review your assessment and assess for progress to make sure your primary goals and objectives are being met.