Career Development Center at Global Immersion

Why We Offer Career Services:

Often times, it is difficult to navigate your way to your dream career. At  Global Immersion, we have career coaches that can help you organize and plan steps to your career goals and a successful future. At Global Immersion we offer personal one on one training classes.  Our career services are geared to help you from pre-interview strategies to how to prepare for an interview including interview style and relaxation techniques. We will instruct you on what to wear, how to organize your thoughts and questions prior to the interview. The importance of maintaining eye contact, a firm handshake and appearing confident will also be explored.

Career Services:

  • Resume, cover letters, and CV critiques
  • Plan, organize and execute steps to career goals
  • Research resources and networking opportunities in your area
  • Provide services to aid with job, university, & scholarship applications
  • LinkedIn consultation
  • Strategic Internship and Co-op searches
  • Compose Statement of Purpose or personal essays
  • Practice Interviews.

Choose a Career with Confidence

At Global Immersion Inc, our Career Development Center believes every step of your educational experience with our organization should help take you toward your future — starting long before you approach graduation. Here, our programs are designed to support you as you pursue your goals, and they begin as soon as you arrive on campus.

We offer career exploration programs, internship opportunities, résumé advice, interviewing tips, and one of the strongest and most loyal alumni networks imaginable.

 Global Immersion is here to help.

Call us today at +1 (866)- 589-9043  and see just how quickly we can help you speak with clarity and confidence!