Communication Coaching

Communication Coaching

Good communication skills are a must have for successful business, social, and cultural communication. If you would like to enhance your communication skills, we have online courses to help you achieve this goal. We assist students, business professionals, and anyone who would like to improve public speaking skills and communication style. Our speech coaching courses are taught by communication professionals with degrees, certifications, and experience to give you a holistic learning experience. You will learn:

  • Tips for professional demeanor
  • The components of the communication process
  • The value of public speaking
  • Effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • How to develop an dynamic communication style
  • How to convey a confident voice

A New York  speech coach will help you evaluate your specific problem areas as well as areas of untapped potential that can be enhanced to improve your personal communication style and technique.

Speech and Communication Courses

You will always have visual contact with your New York, Hartford  or DC coach during your online or in person sessions, to give you a clear picture of the lessons and ideas being taught. These public speaking classes are tailored to fit your personal learning style and areas of interest, and will adapt to your needs as you progress.  You will work with your coach to understand the basics of good communication, and receive feedback that will be targeted to the specific areas in which you have problems. The courses will work around your schedule, no matter how busy. We just want to offer you the assistance you need, to help you achieve your personalized goals. By the end of the course, you should have a better understanding of the communication process, and a stronger, more confident speaking style.


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