Excel in Your Subjects at Global Immersion!

Students pair up one-on-one with experienced tutors to expand their knowledge and mastery of their desired course.

Tutoring Service Provides:

  • Strategies for writing notes
  • Test-taking strategies
  • Writing papers
  • Establishing effective study habits
  • Multiple resources for more in-depth learning
  • One-on-one lessons
  • In person and online sessions
  • Flexible scheduling


Academic Subject Tutoring 

One-on-one tutoring in a wide variety of subject and grade levels, including AP/Honors courses, college-level courses, and Regents preparation. We also offer homework sessions for students who need that extra help in completing their homework.

Skill Development 

Together, we work on developing study skills, organizational skills, and/or note-taking skills to make your journey through school a breeze. Just tell us where you struggle, and leave the rest up to us! This is for students that struggle with learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia or generally have a difficult time with the execution of tasks.


Workplace Advancement

We understand that getting a job and speaking well at interviews is an important part of the application process. We also understand that this can be very stressful. Let us help! Global Immersion provides application assistance, consulting, and resume and cover letter review. We will work with you throughout the entire process to make sure that applications are handed in on time and meet all the requirements so you are fully prepared for your interview. We will also work with you to improve communication so that you can grow and feel good about the amazing person that you are.

If you need a personalized learning path with clear objectives such as passing an English exam, nothing beats our one-on-one tutoring classes. Learn in partnership with a personal online or in person English trainer/teacher and coach who’ll give you all the support & motivation you need. Enjoy tailor made coaching and English classes delivered by some of the best native English language teachers who truly care about your progress and success. Come try out a lesson to make sure we are the right fit!

Personalized One-on-One Tutoring/coaching

  1. Personal English tutor
  2. Great for students preferring to study alone
  3. Get personal test preparation guidance
  4. You choose your learning objective

English Conversation Classes

Our English conversation classes are vibrant and interactive, filled with learners from across the globe eager to improve their English ability. Our native English speaking teachers will guide the conversation and give each student positive feedback on what mistakes they made during the class and what they can do to improve. We allow a maximum of six students per class which gives each student ample time to be part of the conversation.

  1. Meet English students from different cultures
  2. Practice listening to different accents
  3. Gain confidence by speaking English with more people
  4. Build international connections while improving your English

Looking for the best, most affordable and reliable tutoring service in and near Hartford and West Hartford. Look no further,   Global Immersion  is your number one stop for all types of tutoring, learning and coaching. We offer both in home and location based services at our center in Hartford and Hartford County, including: East Hartford, Manchester, Windsor, Avon, Canton, Newington and New Britain.



Why Do We Stand Out Over Other Tutoring Centers In Hartford?

Our staff is motivated and dedicated to help our students succeed, across all grade levels – college, high school, middle school, and elementary school. Whether you’re taking a class to prepare for the SATs, or coming in to get homework help we will always strive to give our students the best service.


When ARE Global Immersion Classes Available?

We are open all day Sunday, as well as Monday through Thursday from 9am until 7pm, and Friday mornings by appointment. Please call us or email us if your interested in learning more about our services and program!


+1(866)589-9043 or email us at


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Excel in Your Subjects at Global Immersion! Students pair up one-on-one with experienced tutors to expand their knowledge and mastery of their desired course. Tutoring Service Provides: Strategies for writing notes […]
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